Picture House Court is an attractive high quality and exceptionally sustainable new community of 26 homes on North Street in Bedminster, Bristol. It’s the work of North Street Investments - a partnership between Urbis Living, a property developer that’s been working in Bristol since 2004, and the sustainable property investors Bridges Ventures.

Located towards the eastern end of North Street, in the fastdeveloping Bedminster area, Picture House Court comprises 17 two, three and four-bedroom houses and 9 one and two-bedroom apartments and duplexes. Passivhaus properties keep energy bills low by applying the highest current standards of insulation and build quality process that meets the highest European green homes standards. It is the only development of its type in Bristol.

The first phase of the development will be ready for occupation in late 2015 with the apartments being available first. The houses are due to be delivered in early 2016. All 26 properties are for sale.


Urbis takes a strong environmental approach to each of its properties by using the latest sustainable construction methods, building stylish green homes that are efficient and affordable to own and costing significantly less to run than any comparable development current or planned in Bristol.

Picture House Court is designed for simple city living. It’s just a short distance from the centre of town, and with ample cycle parking provision. Alongside cheap and green travel options like cycling and walking, residents can easily join a car club, too.

All the houses at Picture House Court have parking spaces, but they are tucked away below street level and beneath the houses’ courtyard gardens The whole design is intended to foster a sense of community and shared responsibility in what has long been a community-minded part of Bristol.


We hope those who move to Picture House Court will live well together to forge a new community in the heart of Bedminster - one that’s drawn together by a love of Bristol, a shared interest in the environment, in community, and in the continued development of the immediate area.

Homes in Picture House Court are designed and built to demanding standards and are highly insulated. This means they are naturally warm in winter and cool in summer, and with a range of features that differ from ‘traditional’ homes, including a ventilation system that regulates the internal temperature, solar thermal power for hot water and air heating, and smart metering to manage all energy use. It’s something that everyone who lives at Picture House Court will have in common - plus Bedminster on the doorstep and all that central Bristol has to offer just minutes away.


Bedminster is changing, and those involved in delivering Picture House Court are part of the story. Richard Clarke, Managing Director of Urbis, says: “Bedminster is a fantastic area with a rich past and an even more exciting future. We hope that Picture House Court, with its highly sustainable design, will provide another boost to this attractive part of Bristol by stirring something exciting into what is an already vibrant mix.”

He adds: “The eastern end of North Street has great potential, with some brilliant businesses here already plus a strong and growing leisure economy. Every new investment and new business helps, and it feels great to play our part.”

Ben Barker, secretary of the Greater Bedminster Community Partnership, a neighbourhood partnership where local residents, businesses and the council come together, is also welcoming of Picture House Court.

“This is great news. The site has been derelict for many years and a development like this adds a lot to Bedminster. It’s good for all the local businesses and for the community as a whole.”


Homes in Picture House Court are Passivhaus. What’s that exactly? Passivhaus is a European standard for low-energy building. All the buildings are constructed using conventional building materials but are highly insulated – and the design ensures very little energy is needed to maintain the right temperature indoors. Heating requirements will be about a tenth of those of a conventional newbuild property, meaning there is no need for a gas boiler and lower electricity bills are lower. Hot water and heat that’s needed by Picture House Court is generated by solar thermal panels, tucked away on the development’s rooftops, able to deliver warm air and warm water direct into each home.

And what goes into achieving this remarkable outcome?

Here are seven ways that Passivhaus delivers:

AIR TIGHTNESS is built into the design at every point to a very high standard. This reduces the amount of heat lost to air leaking out of the building.

ACOUSTICS are also attended to, so there is a high level of soundproofing. Sound and impact testing is conducted on each property.

FIRE RESISTANCE is built into the fabric of the buildings at levels meeting all UK building requirements.

U-VALUES, which measure heat transfer, are monitored throughout the build process, with walls, floors and roof construction all being tested to achieve Passivhaus standards.

SUPER INSULATION is guaranteed, with all elements of the external envelope combining with high levels of insulation to reach those U-values far in excess of UK standards.

TRIPLE GLAZING is standard, using advanced window-frame and glass technology.

SPACE HEATING can be delivered without the need for conventional central heating. Waste heat from appliances, heat recovery from ventilation and body heat from all occupiers is enough to keep Picture House Court homes comfortable. The small amount of extra heating that’s needed comes from the solar thermal panels on the roof, and is delivered by heating some of the incoming fresh air coming into the ventilation system.



Founded in 2002, Bridges Ventures invests in projects that have excellent social and environmental goals.

Bridges has a dedicated fund that invests in properties in regeneration areas and in environmentally sustainable buildings.

The international reach of its operations and investments means it can share best practice from around the world with all of those it backs. It is closely involved with the plans for Picture House Court.


Bristol architects’ practice Origin 3 Studio aims to deliver architectural excellence on all its projects. It has designed every aspect of Picture House Court, and lead architect Russ Green is delighted to have raised the bar in Bristol.

“These are high-spec, stylish homes, and as far as we know this is the only Passivhaus development in the city and the largest ever undertaken in the region.”

“It’s good for the environment and it’s good for occupiers. With hot water and warm air generated from solar thermal panels, and no need for a gas connection, it’s safe to say that up to hundreds of pounds a year will be cut from utility bills compared with conventional properties.”


Urbis creates excellent, sustainable urban properties in the South West and further afield.

Established by Richard Clarke in 2004, it has kept evolving over the past ten years and is now one of the fastest-growing developers in the region.

Urbis takes a strong environmental approach to each project, using the latest sustainable construction methods to deliver every time.

Regeneration is also part of the Urbis vision: breathing new life into buildings and sites of architectural interest. Less than a mile from Picture House Court is The Robinson Building in Bedminster, which Urbis took on in 2007 as a longabandoned Victorian paper factory to create 100 stylish urban apartments, as well as the new development, St Catherine’s Place in Bedminster, producing 188 high performance apartments.


To register your interest in the exciting new development on Picture House Court or to look at the particulars of any of these properties in greater detail, please use the email link